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Risk management

Our integrated risk management framework permeates the DNA culture of the Group and covers all aspects of our advisory business.


Specific investment guidelines and risk limits are clearly defined, including “hard limits” which all investment decisions must comply with at all times. Typical risk limits include: leverage, liquidity, concentration, VaR, authorised instruments and authorised counterparties.


1OAK strives to apply the same set of core risk monitoring and stress testing, to assess maximum loss under stressed market conditions and systematic profit & loss analysis.

At 1OAK it’s all about risk-adjusted returns. The industry speaks only about returns and not about the risk taking for that return generation i.e.

“it’s all about return on risk”

Asset & Liability

Asset & Liability management 

 1OAK considers both assets and liabilities for each client gaining an in-depth understanding of the costs, returns and risk drivers before constructing bespoke solutions.1OAK provides a comprehensive set of portfolio and risk management solutions to its clients utilizing proprietary asset & liability management know-how and a risk analytic infrastructure designed for servicing insurance companies, pension funds and investment banking mandates.

Insurance & Asset protection


Be it through raising financing from liquid assets (e.g. stocks, bonds etc.) or through more bespoke structured solutions, our aim is always to provide clients with cost-effective Loan to Values.

Monetizing single or multiple stock(s), bond(s), listed instruments, unlisted, private equity, real estate, intangible assets (e.g. bank guarantees) is at the core of our wealth advisory services activities.

Our strategic partnership with banks and lenders enables us to deliver solutions through an in depth analysis of the nature of the collateral, liquidity risks and balance sheet capital charges.

Insurance & Asset Protection

1OAK is an accredited asset manager for a number of large insurance companies to deliver bespoke insurance managed solutions.

1OAK works strategically with third party privately owned trustee companies and specialised succession planners by offering fund structuring and fiduciary services to deliver flexibility and asset management on their asset protection structures.

Fund solutions

Fund solutions

Leader in fund innovation

PANAREA SICAV is a platform of private Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), compliant with the Alternative Investment Fund Manager’s Directive (AIFMD) rules and operating in open architecture.


PANAREA umbrella fund is constructed of segregated sub-funds for professional clients only which can invest in all type of assets: listed and unlisted equities, bonds, structured products, deposits, funds, loans and other receivables, OTC and listed derivatives as well as illiquid instruments.


Each PANAREA sub-fund is tailor made to each client with no portfolio concentration limits and it is easy to create, flexible and competitively priced to use.

Sharia Solutions

Sharia solutions

Our team has strong background in sharia compliant investments, structuring, financing and risk management. 


Additionally, 1OAK has partnered up with established investment banking sharia compliant platforms, as well as existing and recognised sharia financial advisors to structure dedicated investment opportunities.


We offer direct access to sharia compliant solutions along with research, structuring, risk management, portfolio management and financing services.

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